Global Cross-Cultural Communications


Cross-Cultural Business Communications

The ability of global teams to effectively communicate and interact globally (often virtually) is critical to the sustained success of a multinational corporation. Leveraging the Berlitz Cultural Orientation Approach, Global MVR is able to help leaders with global teams to be more effective.

Global Assignments

The success of a global assignment often hinges on an assignee’s ability to understand and work effectively within the culture of the host country. Global MVR can work with assignees and their family members to be aware of cultural orientation and preferences and take proactive action to mitigate potential blind spots and gaps relative to those of their host location.

Executive Coaching and Succession



Global MVR provides individualized and custom support to enable executives and team leaders to be more effective within an organization and with their teams.

We take a confidential goals-oriented approach with the executive that:

  • Gives the executive the opportunity to share their personal concerns
  • Helps the executive gain perspectives from an experienced coach who is outside the organizational politics
  • Requires a collaborative relationship between the executive, the organization and the coach
  • Focuses on specific development objectives and action plans that are time-bound and where success is measurable

Assessment: Hogan Assessments or FIRO-B, as appropriate

Succession Management

Global MVR is able to help organizations design from scratch or enhance their current succession management process to enable the efficient and effective identification, development and deployment of their Top Talent. Our expertise in this area is based on having successfully implemented global succession management processes within multinational corporations

Corporate Culture and Team Effectiveness


New Leader Assimilation

Whether a leader is taking over a legacy team or forming a new team, Global MVR has the expertise to help the leader quickly bring their team to a productive state with the New Leader Assimilation Process

Team Effectiveness

Global MVR can work with leaders to improve team effectiveness, regardless of whether the teams are located in a single location or virtually across the world.

Corporate Culture

Global MVR has the experience and expertise to work with your organization to assess its current culture and work with you to help shape it towards the desired organizational culture state.